The time has come, after more than 20 years as a frontman in various constellations: Chabezo. Solo. The rapper, singer and freestyle MC finally gives a sign of life from his creative artist cosmos. And this sign of life can be heard and seen.

2020 launches the CHABEZO CHRONIK: Six concept EPs, which as a whole make a coherent work of art. Coherent EPs produced with a lot of craftsmanship and dedication take rap fans on a hero's journey through Chabezo's universe. From classic representer tracks to the storytelling EP, to political statements, social criticism and deep insights into personal thoughts and emotions: Rhymes Galore and multifacetedness deluxe.

His approach of authenticity and attention to detail he continues through the cooperation with the illustrator "Frankenstoner" visually consistent. Under the slogan #rapgoescomic, both develop their own visual language that makes the eyes sparkle.