Frische Luft

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About Frische Luft

The producer duo is not only the brains behind the label Frische Luft Music, but is also the mastermind behind a lot of fine and handmade music. Peter Stöcklin and Sebastian Scheipers are partners in crime: they compose, write and produce stories with devotion and thus create a creative outlet for various artists. In doing so, they not only support up-and-coming artists, but are also at the forefront when it's showtime! Whether on, in front of or behind the stage, they are never far when it comes to good live music!

What's new?

Composing, writing and producing runs through the blood of the duo. Besides releases like Soliloquy by Moritz Jahn or the theme song for the podcast Über Morgen reden, the two are working restlessly on their own sound and especially on Frischer Luft!