Kid Empress

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About Kid Empress

Wondering, dreaming and a big bit of curiosity is celebrated here! Kid Empress has a mission: boundless music that goes straight to the heart! Sticking to styles is yesterday's news, combining influences from different cultures - that's what's happening now! Anna Gosteli, Baf Scheipers, Joscha Arnold and Severin Rauch have known each other since their studies. As life goes, they grow up and part ways, but when they find their inner child again, the path for their common music emerges! In multi-layered songs they combine seemingly incompatible things: Breakbeat with Rock, Industrial with Pop, Drum & Bass with Britpop and Electro with a distinct tendency towards Scandinavian clarity. The fact that this complex mix goes down insanely well is solely due to the playful approach to abstract and complex things and the necessary know-how.

What's new?

Their new album is created in its own universe far away from the fast pace of the world and the algorithm-driven music market: Kid Empress follows the course of nature. The songs leave an impression and are a must for all connoisseurs! In the area of tension between shy and strong, analog and synthetic, the band's brass sections and soft vocals find themselves embedding their socio-critical themes in a field of tangible and artful sounds.