Konstantin König

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About Konstantin König

Konstantin (*1992 in Cairo) studied jazz drums at the Musikhochschule in Basel until 2014 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He also completed a master's degree in "Popular Music with a focus on Education" at the Pop Academy in Mannheim, which he completed in 2018 with a Master of Arts. He had drum lessons with Prof. Gregor Hilbe, Julio Barreto, Jorge Rossy and Claus Hessler, among others. He also attended master classes with Eric Harland, Chris Dave, Jojo Mayer, Dave Weckl and many more.

Konstantin has been teaching at various music schools since 2012 and gives drum workshops and coaching.
Musically, he is currently touring with the indie-pop band We Invented Paris, the singer-songwriter Babeth, and the Berlin MC Chabezo. In addition to his permanent projects, he also works as a freelance studio drummer and theater musician. His stylistic bandwidth ranges from jazz to hip-hop to rock.

What's new

The partnership of König + Scheipers is like a sonorous orchestra driven by their shared love of hip-hop and first-class beats. Their exciting project "Poly Lover" fuses lush, infectious grooves with thoughtful drum sounds and soaring harmonies, accompanied by velvety bass lines. Their music moves smoothly between the worlds of lofi and charged instrumentals, showcasing craftsmanship and lovingly crafted production elements to create a relaxed listening experience.