Lila Luftikus

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About Lila Luftikus

Lila Luftikus is the Kinderlieder-project of the Berlin producer duo Frische Luft (aka Peter Stöcklin and Sebastian Scheipers). Together with other musicians they create children's music from the heart. They want to encourage children to sing and dance along, learn through play and most importantly to dream! Identification, laughter and real emotions are their top priorities. Lovingly produced for the whole family, the songs are likeable, colorful and timeless. In cooperation with "Sing Kinderlieder", music is created that takes the little ones seriously and stimulates their childlike curiosity. Lila Luftikus makes children's eyes sparkle, twinkle and shine.

What's new?

Whether playground or car ride, Lila Luftikus, Lasse Laser and Luna Mondschein always have the perfect soundtrack in their luggage! With the new EP "Lieblingsfarbe Bunt" one takes their first steps, the ABC is explored and above all one finds lots of furry friends. Gentle acoustic guitars, sweet rhymes and exciting stories packed in sensitive and elaborately produced songs have real earworm potential! The cooperation with Sing Kinderlieder brings a smile to the faces of over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube.