Sebastian Scheipers

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About Me

I am an award-winning guitarist, composer and producer, based in Berlin, Germany. My musical roots and foundation derive from an early classical education paired with a big admiration for jazz. It was my involvement with my first band Jazzattack which kept me motivated and practicing, and eventually studying and becoming a professional musician.

For almost 20 Years as a guitarist I founded, played and toured with bands and acts such as Pegasus, Levin, [bih’tnik], and Otto Normal, the two latter of which together with my long-time partner-in-crime Pete.

I have always been fascinated by the means and possibilities of creating sounds and music with original instruments and their further continuation and development through effect processors as well as electronic and digital gear.

My most recent works include the musical debut of Moritz Jahn with the EP “Love, Hate, and the Mistakes of a Lifetime” as well as the original score for Robert Köhler’s and Andreas Cordes’ “Boje”. At the moment I am preparing the score for the vampire flick “Life Sucks”, which marks my second collaboration with Florian Schnell, for whose documentary “In Europe’s Shadow” I also contributed the original music.

With Frische Luft Music I serve as the company’s Musical Director.

About us

We are Frische Luft Music, a music producer team with our own label and management, always supporting the spirit and heritage of uniquely hand-crafted music.
Composing, writing and producing good music is what moves us every day and keeps us up all-night.
There is two things we love doing. One is writing and producing music for fellow artists such as Moritz Jahn or Chabezo, with whom we never hesitate to climb onto stage together and rock the crowd. Two is composing, writing and producing music to support storytelling – may it be scores for motion pictures, for commercials, for branded entertainment, or for books.
By the way, Frische Luft is us as an artist and may not be confused with Frische Luft Music which is the business wrapper around all that: Label, Management Services, and Music Production. At Frische Luft Music, we offer all the musical and artistic skills of Frische Luft and combine them with digital marketing expertise and management experience – always supportive in favor of the music.